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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about

How do I edit my profile?
Click the Edit tab in your profile, under Details. In your profile options you can add or change your avatar, create your bio, edit your profile information for; location, Birthday, email & contact info. You can add your other social media contact information. You will also find Sign-in Information and your Sign-in name and your Password. Don’t forget to press Save Changes when you are done.
How do I add friends?
You can add a person as a friend by clicking Add as Friend on the top right of their profile page. You can click to users profile page from any discussion they have participated in. Please note that the requested friend can accept or deny your request.
How do I send someone a private message?
You can send a private conversation message by clicking on the user’s profile and selecting Private Message. 
How do I manage my blog?
Each member gets a blog to write multiple posts, you also have many features for managing your blog. To manage your blog, go to your profile and click the tab on your left titled Blog Posts. Note that only your friends will see the postings from your blog.
Is TypeOneNation safe for young people?
TypeOneNation is moderated by JDRF staff and volunteers. Inappropriate, suspicious, and/or offensive content and behavior is scrutinized wherever possible, however, not every post or thread may be noticed by a moderator. We encourage our users to use the “report abuse” feature to help keep TypeOneNation safe.In addition, we recommend that concerned parents or teens review the FBI publication: A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety for additional information and FAQs.

Frequently asked questions about the Forum and Group features in

How do I join a group?
Select “Join Group” to the right of the title in the main group listing.
How do I do a “quick reply” to a discussion within a group?
Scroll to the bottom of the discussion page to fill out the form to join the conversation.
How do I write a new topic within a group?
Scroll to the bottom of the group’s main page to find the form for you to share your new topic.
How do I add a discussion as a favorite?
On every post there is a “Favorite” tab at the top of the discussion. Note that this thread will then appear under Favorites on your Dashboard.
How do I see all recent discussions?
On your dashboard, you will see all discussions divided into the three categories of most popular, my groups and favorite groups.
How do I see members within a group?
On the homepage of each group, there is a tab on the left side of the screen titled Members. Here is where you will find the list of other members within this group.