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T1D Connections Program


Why we created the T1D Connections Program

Lechler Family
“When our son was diagnosed with T1D, Amanda immediately became a dear friend. We are deeply grateful for her openness in sharing about her T1D journey and for her optimism as we begin ours. With her support, we have more peace—and more hope for our family’s future.”

Megan Lechler, son Thomas diagnosed at age 2

Newell Family
“When I found JDRF and was connected with parents who had been through what I had been through, it changed my life. I found my new normal, my source of hope—and strength—to face my son’s disease. I wanted to become an Outreach Volunteer so that I could do that for others. I want to be someone’s light through all that darkness.”

Alexis Newell, son Justice diagnosed at age 7

Thomas Family
“When my daughter was diagnosed it was very hard for us as a family. We had questions doctors couldn’t answer—we needed someone that really understood our new life. When our JDRF volunteer contacted us, it was a relief to talk to another mom who understood what we were going through.”

Alexandria Thomas, daughter Gracie diagnosed at age 5


Receiving a T1D diagnosis can be a traumatic and an isolating experience, whether it’s you who is affected or someone you love. Your JDRF Outreach Volunteer can connect you with others in the T1D community who’ve been through similar experiences—and provide you with resources, advice and support to help get you through this difficult time.

Who are JDRF Outreach Volunteers?

JDRF Outreach Volunteers have a personal connection to T1D. They are caregivers, spouses and other adults who either have T1D themselves—or have a loved one affected by the disease. All of our volunteers understand how overwhelming it can be to adapt to the daily demands of managing T1D—and they are here to help get you through it.

How to connect with a JDRF Outreach Volunteer

You do not need to feel alone in your journey. Once you make a request, a JDRF Outreach Volunteer will reach out to you within 48 hours. In addition to providing an empathetic ear, your volunteer can also help introduce you to your local T1D community at JDRF events where you may even build some long-lasting friendships! Either way, you’ll be welcomed into the JDRF family with open arms, as we come together to lessen the daily burden of T1D until there is a cure.

Request a T1D Outreach Volunteer

Do you have T1D?
Use the Adult T1D Request Form >

Thank You to Our Sponsor

JDRF’s T1D Connections Program is supported by an educational grant from Lilly.

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Get personal support

Online Diabetes Support Team
JDRF volunteers are available to answer your questions about type 1 diabetes and get you through this difficult time. Ask a question.

T1D Connections Program
All JDRF Outreach Volunteers not only have personal experience living with T1D, they are carefully selected by JDRF and given ongoing training to help provide you the very best support. Learn More.


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