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Living with T1D


Carbohydrate counting

Living with T1D requires calculating the carbohydrates in all of the food you eat because carbs are the main source of blood glucose.

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 Eating disorders

Children, teens and women living with T1D are at a slightly higher risk of developing certain eating disorders.

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Resources for T1D athletes are coming soon. For healthcare professionals we a offer a 5-module accredited webcast detailing safely and exercise with T1D.


Flying with T1D is no problem as long as you plan ahead and follow security measures.

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Diabetes should not get in the way of school for people with T1D. Here you can find some helpful tips for setting up a plan with your school that works for you and your child.

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Being a teen with T1D can be tough. Here you can find a few resources that can help make those years a little easier.

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College is often the first time teens are away from home and having T1D makes things more complicated. Feel more prepared with information and tips about this exciting transition.

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Driving with T1D requires diligence and extra attention to blood-sugar levels. Be safe and learn how to take extra care when you get behind the wheel.

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Planning a pregnancy with T1D requires special attention to ensure a healthy outcome for mother and child. Here you can find some basic information on planning family and having a safe pregnancy with T1D.

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Get personal support

Online Diabetes Support Team
JDRF volunteers are available to answer your questions about type 1 diabetes and get you through this difficult time. Ask a question.

T1D Connections Program
All JDRF Outreach Volunteers not only have personal experience living with T1D, they are carefully selected by JDRF and given ongoing training to help provide you the very best support. Learn More.


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