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When JDRF Advocacy Volunteers Gather, Big Things Happen!

Excerpts from this blog were originally posted in the Spring 2014 edition of The Loop, a JDRF Volunteer Leadership Newsletter. JDRF Advocacy was proud to announce that on March 27, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a one-year extension of the Special Diabetes Program (SDP), at the current funding level of $150 million, as part […]

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Interning at JDRF Advocacy: Spring ’14 Edition

Each semester, JDRF Advocacy has between two and four interns working with us, learning how to advocate daily for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. As the Spring 2014 semester comes to a close, we are preparing to say goodbye to our current interns, but not before we ask them to reflect on their time with […]

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T1D Tuesday

The Savvy Diabetic – A Survival Guide

Joanne Laufer Milo was diagnosed with T1D over 49 years ago and she’s written about her amazing journey in a new book, The Savvy Diabetic: A Survival Guide. Joanne discusses this week with the TypeOneNation community her diagnosis, provides her advice on living with T1D, shares her involvement with JDRF and gives two things that […]

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Advocacy Efforts Remain Critical to the Renewal of the Special Diabetes Program

We are more than halfway through January and we’d like to highlight all of the milestones of 2013 as we look forward to another big year for JDRF Advocacy in 2014. The second half of 2013 was a whirlwind for JDRF’s Advocacy team. It featured an outpouring of support for renewal of the SDP, starting […]

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