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First Artificial Pancreas Outpatient Trial in the U.S. Gets FDA Approval

I wanted to share with you the very exciting news that FDA recently approved the first clinical trial in the U.S. of an artificial pancreas system to be performed outside of a hospital!  See the JDRF statement for more details.  It’s great to see the research advancing and FDA helping to make it happen! You […]

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2 Minutes to Keep the Ball Rolling on Research

Not sure if you’ve had the chance to take a look at our recent call to action, ‘Continue NIH Research like the Artificial Pancreas’, but it shares some great information about how far we’ve come with research because of federal funding programs like the Special Diabetes Program (SDP). However, to continue this progress, we need […]

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T1D Nominated to US Olympic Hall of Fame

Many of us in the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community know and love the name Gary Hall, Jr. Not only for all that Gary’s accomplished as a swimmer during the Olympics (see link towards bottom for more on Gary’s Olympic career) but also for all that he does to advocate and help the T1D community. […]

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FDA Artificial Pancreas Draft Guidance – What JDRF Thinks

As you know, JDRF conducted an extensive advocacy campaign in 2011 which resulted in FDA release of draft artificial pancreas guidance in December.  Since then, our team has completed a thorough analysis of the FDA draft, speaking with many experts.  Overall, we still remain very encouraged by the guidance – it lays a reasonable pathway […]

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After the Guidance – What Happens Now?

Happy New Year! I know many of you have been following developments with the artificial pancreas guidance from FDA, so I wanted to give you an update about what’s been going on.  After FDA released the artificial pancreas draft guidance document on December 1st our initial review was that the guidance is encouraging and seems […]

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Would you talk to T1D?

Last week, we told you that currently 85% of people with T1D are adults and this little piece of information generated lots of great feedback from you all. Many of the comments were hopeful and others, about the obstacles you face while beating T1D every day of your life. (Again, I want to thank you […]

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85% T1Ds Are Adults…

Yesterday, our JDRF Advocacy page on Facebook posted a little factoid, ‘…currently, adults make up approximately 85% of those living with type 1 diabetes,’ and then we asked, ‘Are you a T1D adult, T1D teen, or a parent of a T1D? We’d love to know what you think and how T1D impacts you!’ Nearly 160 […]

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Artificial Pancreas Thanks to Congress

Today, you can help diabetes advocacy efforts by thanking your Members of Congress while JDRF staff and other experts review the intricate details of the artificial pancreas guidance that was published on December 1. We remain encouraged by the draft guidance thus far and hope you are too! We would not be analyzing this draft […]

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Thank the FDA and Pass it on!

Thanks to all your efforts, last week the FDA put out encouraging draft artificial pancreas guidance. While a detailed review is still under way, the FDA draft appears to lay a foundation for accelerating the development and availability of artificial pancreas systems that will improve the lives of millions of Americans living with type 1 […]

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