Catch Innovation in Action

The next breakthrough in type 1 diabetes (T1D) therapies and treatments could come from anyone, anywhere. That’s why JDRF is proud and excited to sponsor the first Diabetes Innovation Challenge to discover the ideas, insights and inspiration that drive the global effort to end this disease. T1D Exchange, in collaboration with M2D2, a University of Massachusetts incubator for medical device start-ups, launched the Challenge to invite the brightest minds from around the world to identify and accelerate innovative advancements in diabetes research and care. “We are thrilled to serve as a lead co-sponsor of the inaugural Challenge,” says Derek Rapp, president and CEO of JDRF. “In our commitment to curing, preventing and treating T1D, JDRF relentlessly seeks the best ideas and most innovative people across disciplines. We know we can’t do it alone, and we invite everyone to join us in this fight.”


The response has been amazing, and the 30 semi-finalists are preparing to present an imaginative array of therapeutic and diagnostic inventions in the semi-finals, September 29 and October 5, and the finals on October 20, in Massachusetts. Tickets are still available to anyone who wants to say, “I was there,” when the next big thing in diabetes research was introduced.

And progress won’t slow down after the competition has ended. Entrepreneurs and companies with novel approaches will be paired in mentoring relationships with the established organizations and experienced professionals who’ve participated in the Diabetes Innovation Challenge to help transform their ideas into reality.


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