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Remembering Will Hauver

By Lyndall Hauver (As Told to JDRF)

Today we are mourning the loss of our son, Will Hauver, who died earlier this month. Will was an amazing person. In 22 short years he touched so many and made the most incredible friendships and relationships with pretty much everyone he met. He was funny, so positive and had such a love for life. He was athletic, artistic, witty, kind, caring and tough.

Will was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) at age 15 when he was a freshman in high school. Having diabetes did not hold him back in any way. He was a varsity athlete and played both squash and lacrosse. At Rollins College, he also played lacrosse and became a Captain his senior year. He was a good student, majoring in Communications with an Art minor. He did marketing for the school radio station and created covers for the school paper. He was just notified that he would graduate with honors in his major. Will was a gifted artist and he was a friend to everyone.

This past summer, Will was nominated to complete the ice bucket challenge for ALS awareness and donations. He created a very funny video and also created a challenge for JDRF and “LIVEabetes”. After Will passed away, his high school friends galvanized and are creating a movement to raise funds for JDRF by answering Will’s call and filming videos of themselves completing the “Egg Crack Challenge”. It is catching on quickly in just seven short days. Even Gerrard Sheppard, a graduate of the same high school as Will and a member of the Green Bay Packers, completed the “Will Hauver Egg Crack Challenge”. Dez Wells of the University of Maryland Basketball team also completed the challenge.  All the videos are posted on social media and money is being donated to JDRF in Will’s honor. These donations will help JDRF create a world without type 1 diabetes and turn Type One into Type None.

Will had good control of his diabetes. He was diligent about his nutrition, kept his numbers in check and had no complications from the disease. He got the stomach flu and this was the very first time he had been ill since he was diagnosed with T1D. If we learn nothing from his senseless death, all of us who either have T1D or care for someone with T1D need to know this – Go to the ED or doctor when you have the stomach flu or any illness that causes you to become dehydrated.  Please.

We would love to have this movement go viral to help raise money for JDRF and honor Will, so we are now challenging you. Upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, or Vine and be sure to use the hashtag #EggCrackChallenge when you do. See the following links to better understand our son’s incredible life, full of joy, humor and kindness. You can also follow the links to learn how to complete the “Will Hauver Egg Crack Challenge” and/or donate to JDRF.

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13 thoughts on “Remembering Will Hauver

  1. Martha

    it is still so hard to believe that Will is gone, though his loving, funny, athletic, artistic spirit will live on through the incredible Hauver family and all those who knew and were touched in even the smallest way by Will. T1D needs a cure!! My family has cracked eggs. Get cracking now for #strenthofwill!!!

  2. Megan Hanson

    Incredible article Lyndall!! Will touched so many and was a truly wonderful, talented, amazing person! Will made all of us better, happier people! We will so deeply miss Will, but he will remain in our fond memories forever! #strengthofwill #34

  3. Laura Ronan

    That was beautiful Lyndall! We all loved Will so much! He was a dear friend, roommate, co-captain, teammate, mentor another big brother to Cole. We will always love and honor Will. We feel blessed to have the time we did with him. We will never forget that handsome smile. We love you all so much! Your strength is amazing! #strengthofwill #34

  4. Lisa Fee

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. What a tragic loss you must be feeling. Bless you for informing people about what happened-you are really helping by sharing your story. I am a mother of 2 type 1 diabetic children. There is never a day that goes by while they are away at college that I don’t worry. My heartbtruly breaks for you! Your son seemed to have it all and he did live his life to the fullest—words can never say enough to help with your loss and I am truly sorry and praying for you. God bless and RIP Will

  5. Margie

    Amazing boy, amazing family! Love that you are sharing this story to raise awareness to help prevent anyone else from going through this senseless tragedy. Your strength and determination amazes me and we can all see where Will got his spirit and fight! Gone but never forgotten #strengthofwill#34

  6. Peggy Kepple

    My heart goes out to his family. As a parent with a child with type 1 diabetes, it is our nightmare. You raised an incredible son – beautiful inside and out.
    May Will be your angel throughout your lifetime.

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  8. Brittney Pecore

    I am so sorry for your loss. I’m a mother of a type 1 diabetic who’s 13, diagnosed at 8. I have to ask, what happened with the flu. I hear your warning to go to the doc with the stomach flu or any dehydrating illness, but I just have to know if there is any other information we, as mothers, can use to protect our kids. Thank you so much for the article, it touches my heart in so many ways.

  9. Bill North

    I am so sorry for your loss. I am a parent of a T1D HS Lacrosse player who has dreams of playing in college and will use Will’s story as one of hope, love, and also caution about not being shy about going to the ER. I hope Will’s memory lives on forever.

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