Friday Five Blog

August 15, 2014

Check out this week’s top five picks from around the TypeOneNation community, and join the conversation with other members and be sure to share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook too.


Potential Breakthrough in Encapsulation Technology
JDRF-funded researchers develop novel method of protecting islets for implantation into people with type 1 diabetes.  Read more>>

Sick of Diabetes
Ever feel tired of having diabetes? Meet @EmilyLake and other teen members of TypeOneNation going through the same feelings as you, in this discussion.

Dexcom G4
@explosion7 is looking to hear from others who use the Dexcom G4 Platinum Pediatric CGM, If you are currently using one please tell us about your experience in this discussion.

High School
If you have ever been nervous about having diabetes and going to your first year of high school? Share some tips and tricks in the teen group on how to make it simple to get through the school year here!

Early Pregnancy Highs
For those of you who have gone through early pregnancy highs, @kmyczek is looking for some advice from others. Join the conversation.

Whether you join the discussions or start your own NEW topic on TypeOneNation, we want you to know that this online community is a place for you to ask questions and share your own personal experience.

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