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August 8, 2014

Hi Everyone,

Here are today’s top five picks this week from around the TypeOneNation community! Please join the conversation with other members and be sure to share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook too!

@laurie23662 is looking for other parents of children, or people who play tackle football and whether or not you keep your pump on or not. Join the discussion.

Pump Vacation
@twinsrus413 ask what do you do when your child takes an insulin pump vacation and doesn’t want to put it back on? If this has happened to you share your thoughts in this discussion.

Feeling Alone

If you have ever felt alone because of diabetes @kiersten5 is having a hard time and needs some support. Join this discussion to share some words of encouragement.

Levemir during pregnancy
@natrie is having a difficult time with Levemir during her pregnancy, if you have used it while pregnant share some tips with her here.

JDRF Advocacy
U.S. Senate Seeks to Help Medicare-Eligible Americans Gain Access to CGMs. Read more>>

Whether you join the discussions or start your own NEW topic on TypeOneNation, we want you to know that this online community is a place for you to ask questions and share your own personal experience.

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