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Possible Pump and CGM sites

I use the back of my arm for my sensor because I try to reserve my more fatty tummy and back love handles for my pump sites. I was afraid at first of using my arm because….ouch! But I was pleasantly surprised when i hardly even felt it go in! If you put it in the right spot not on the outer or inner part you don’t really need to worry about smacking it on anything. Also, of you use SkinTac prep wipes it will really help with the sensor adhesive. Same with infusion sites as well. I also have this sleeve thing i got from that I will wear at night just to cover it while I am tossing and turning. ALSO…haha…if you haven’t heard of GrifGrips you need to look it up. I use them all the time and they are site savers! Anything to make those expensive suckers stay on for as long as possible, right?

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  • Hi! I have had a cgm for about three years now and the only place I will do it is in my arm. I use to have a pump also but just recently I went back to shots (just for a change and to give my site spots a break). I also do the shots in my arm because that is where it hurts the least on me.

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  • I have put my CGM on my thighs before and it works great. The only reason that I stopped putting it there for a while is because I am a teacher and I accidentally ran into a desk and ripped my site out once. So I’m giving my legs a break.

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  • I put my CGM on my arm, it bled a little into the CGM but the readings are REALLY accurate! I’m going to try my thighs next week!

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