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I have an incurable disease and although it didn’t stop me, in the beginning it made me very angry. When I was able to get back up again after my diagnosis, and after a long time in denial and in neglect of my diabetes, I set out to change things for myself in a positive way. This decision didn’t come easy. I had to feel bad enough before I could admit that I could take no more.

I learned many things from many people. These kind people; my family, my friends, and a mixed bunch of total strangers who only shared a common situation with me, helped me so much that it changed my life. Part of the promise I made when I started to feel better was to carry the messages I learned to others, so I also try to help people however I can.

I volunteer for the JDRF ODST (Online diabetes support team) and answer diabetes questions and concerns as best I can from my own experiences, not because I know any better, but because I have done a lot of stupid things. I try to be the best father, husband, son, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend that I can be. I have a large extended family and I cherish the time we can spend together, which never seems to be enough. I know that of all the things you can give someone else, time is the most precious.

I am an amateur chef, a brewer of beer, I love being outdoors and playing on my mountain bike or with my camera. My son and my wife taught me how to love the beach. At home I am a mechanic, carpenter, electrician, pipe fitter, IT specialist, financer, and chief of maintenance.

Stubborn and passionate, I am trained in mechanical engineering and I am a controls expert. Working with the larger team for a major pharmaceutical, I help create lifesaving medicine for people and animals all over the world.
This year I spent a lot of time in an innovation proving ground called the sandbox. This is where ideas or concepts go from dreams to reality. Posers are not welcome in my sandbox. Here, you are either part of the problem or working on the solution. Anyone working on a solution is welcome, everyone else will wait outside.

The last 2 years I have been working on a new special freezer I designed and built to freeze monoclonal antibodies, therapeutic proteins, and vaccines so these medicines do not decay as they travel the world. I was asked to invent a new machine for an innovative new single-use sterile container. I call the freezer ELSA (Expedited Latent heat State change Apparatus) because my son loved the movie and it makes me laugh, and because I designed her to freeze things solid. The blast cooling cell reaches -100F with an inside air speed of +40 MPH for a wind-chill of -170F! This device can thaw as well. While I know that only love can thaw a frozen heart, electricity does a pretty good job as well.

I built it because I believe that if I can help one person, that person might just change the world.
Not sure if the link below will work but here is a picture of ELSA:

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