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Trying to find a replacement Medtronic (!)

Hi all! My name is Madison, I just celebrated my 12th year of t1d last month. I’m looking for an older Medtronic Minimed (515, 715, 522, 722, 523, 723, 554, or 754). If you have one you’re not using, or know of any fellow T1D’s who do, please please let me know!

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  • is where I got my first MedTronic. Buyer Beware applies – check out the seller first. 😉

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  • Hey Madison. I used a Medtronic for about 15 years and have had good results. However, it wasn’t as cool looking as the tSlim, so I decided to switch. I’m returning it after only about 2 weeks.

    tSlim flaws
    – It charges and that makes it hot, like a cell phone. It cooked my insulin after 2 days! By third day my blood sugars were 300 no matter how much I took.
    – It has a flashing green light every few minutes to show you it’s working. Kept waking my husband up.
    – The alarm when it is disconnected (during a shower, etc.) was obnoxious and couldn’t be adjusted.
    – Infusion adhesive was itchy! I’d never had that problem with Medtonic infusion sets.
    – The pump wastes 60 units of insulin every time it’s primed. It also makes so much trash when changing a site.

    Minimed flaws
    – Requires batteries to run, but at least it works!
    – Looks outdates. Frankly, it’s more important to me to have a pump that works.

    Hope this helps.

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