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Humalog vs. Novolog

Meidcare is making me switch from Humalog to Novolog.
Does anyone have any experience with the switch?

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  • hi @duanet1,

    totally and completely interchangeable for me. I suggest you test a little more, to make sure. good luck!

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  • Thank you very much Joe.
    My Endo said there is no difference, just wanted to hear from an actual user.
    I will do more testing when the time comes.

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  • I’ve been T1 since 1983. These two are almost the same for me. When I was on Humalog, it worked fine but took about 30 minutes to “fully activate”. Novalog is about 15 minutes (for me). As always: your-mileage-may-vary.

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  • DuaneT1,

    My son was switched a year or so ago, and we didn’t notice any changes from it.

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  • Novolog is more potent for me. Had to slightly decrease basal rates for my pump.

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  • My daughter was forced to switch from Novolog to Humalog almost 6 months ago. I’ve noticed that she has to take more Humalog than with the Novolog. Also, her levels to go down with exercise on the Novolog, but goes up with Humalog

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  • I didn’t notice any difference between Novolog and Humalog.

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