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How do I sell my Animas Vibe ????

Hi everyone!
So- I have been using Animas since I started wearing a pump about 8 years ago.
I am wearing my still warrantied Animas Vibe which works with Dexcom G4 Platinum CGM.
I JUST got my Medtronic 630G and moving to the 670G end of June! So excited!!
My Animas is still under warranty, its only like 2 years old.
Its of no value to Medtronic nor Animas.
Surely for the price I paid ($6,000.ish) it has value to someone.
I also have supplies.
Any thoughts??

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  • hi @fingerprints1971,

    in my opinion, you are in grey water, because depending on where you live, that pump may have required a prescription. If the pump required a prescription, you may not be allowed to sell it in the US, even if you paid in full. When I think of potential liability…(infection, injury, death) that a person who paid you money for your pump and then was subsequently injured…my head starts to hurt.

    one thing to do would be to check with hospitals/medicare. Medicare routinely re-issues used pumps.

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  • Sounds good to me Joe! Thank you! Ill keep it as back-up.

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  • I’ve seen pumps for sale on Ebay.

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