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New diagnosis at 51

I was diagnosed 6 months ago at age 51 after becoming very ill with DKA. I feel like a complete idiot since I am a research scientist who worked on diabetes for years! I thought my symptoms were maybe menopause (though I lost a lot of weight which wouldn’t be typical for menopause). My advice to others would be to not ignore your body, Type 1 can develop at any age and don’t make assumptions – get checked out if you feel poorly.
All is good now. BG is in good control and I feel healthy and happy.

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  • @sneathbupp, go easy on yourself. you aren’t an idiot because you missed a self-diagnosis. half the world’s doctors would misdiagnose an adult with autoimmune diabetes as type 2 anyway.

    welcome to the club no one wants to be in! glad you are doing better, beware that the first couple of months after diagnosis can be significantly easier from still making a bit of insulin yourself. I hope you have access to a CDE and endo, please check in once in a while and good luck!

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  • Thanks so much for the kind words! I am not making any insulin at all, but the CDE associated with my doctor is awesome and has been a huge support from the beginning.

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