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Transitioning Out of Pediatric Care

Hi all, I am a 22 yr old grad student that has had T1D since I was six years old. I live in the Houston area, so I’ve always gone to Texas Childrens’ Hospital for medical care. I formally stopped going when my nurse practitioner retired, but I can’t remember the name of the group she recommended. So, to the point, does anyone know of a place in Houston that somewhat focuses on young adults w/Type 1? Or any advice on how to find the right place for me? Thanks!

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  • hi @erinelizabeth95, I have no experience in Texas but for what it’s worth, a starting point is to find an endocrinologist. they are diabetes specialists. If you are still covered on your parents insurance, then you can ask the insurance company for a list of endocrinologists that take your insurance in your area. cheers good luck!

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