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Point in differentiating between T1 & T1.5/LADA?

@Elizabeth While it is possible that the glucose meter was not calibrated correctly, or that the test strips were old, I’d say that your sixth sense about the whole thing (the fact that you were driven to test using a pet’s meter) means your body was probably trying to tell you something. Now go get your eyes checked out! (Dilation is sooooooooooo much fun. 😉 The Egyptians used to do to get their mate’s attention. )

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  • I realize these posts are rather old, but as I am newly diagnosed LADA I am doing lots of reading and hope that you are still monitoring your posts.
    I feel like I’m reading my same story over and over again. Diagnosed at 51 (11 months ago), I’ve had granuloma spots for most of my adult life. I am in the honeymoon stage for sure; still producing insulin (at the bottom of the normal range). I’ve been on Metformin since diagnosis and recently added Januvia. My A1C was holding at 6.6 (down from >9) but recently jumped to >7.
    I have attended seminars where they claim they can reverse autoimmune diabetes, though my endo says these are hocus pocus.
    Also looked into the paleo approach, but the restrictions on that diet are crazy.
    I really want to believe there’s another way besides insulin…
    I feel so terribly alone and frustrated with this disease 🙁

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