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Diabetics and Anxiety/Panic Attacks

I would have them check your iron the next time you have your A1C done. The more you talk about it the more it sounds like the same problem I have.The first time it happened to me I was in class too, not stressed about anything, actually watching some silly movie. They took me to the hospital and thoght the blood presure cuff was broken but it was really that low. I can’t believe they did not seemed suprised when they could not get a reading from you at your doctors. It is very possible you are having anxiety, diabetes is stressfull!

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  • See, Im not sure anymore. I just wondered because it was the first non animal based insulin that I was on….Idk…I’ve always looked for answers. I always wondered if anyone else kinda struggled with anxiety/panic attacks who also had diabetes.

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  • In the past 5 months I have been getting panic attacks. I have never gotten them before. I think i mentioned something about it in another thread about when i started increasing my lantus. if im stuck in traffic…i start to have an attack. if im walking through the supermarket i start having an attack. i just leave. and i know what you are talking about when you say you feel like you are low. thats what happens to me. i feel like im crashing out. i check my sugar and its fine. sometimes i cant even get on the highway if i even “think” there is going to be traffic.

    they were really bad in the first month. now they have kind of eased off but not by much. sometimes i feel like my jugulars are being squeezed all day…that pretty much lets me know i am going to go in to panic at some point in the day. massive claustrophobia now.

    i also get the attacks during work when i start to think about food and i am wanting to eat. if i dont eat…my body starts to panic. and my sugar is always good at that point. i just get hungry and my body starts to go crazy. my heart goes insane.

    i really thought my problem was because i started using more lantus like the docs said. i never had the problem til i upped my dosage. the more i kept my sugar in check the more i started having attacks. when i let my sugar run a little high and never tested my sugar…i never had a problem.

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  • Ken,

    I wonder if the insulin effects our nervous system? I am very claustrophobic as well. I absolutely hate being in traffic or in an elevator because I am afraid I will get stuck with no food…would this be considered living life in fear??? =/

    I just literally carry around capri suns in my purse and the sugar tablets.

    Have you talked to your Endo about the “attacks?”


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  • I also suffer from panic/anxiety attacks. They have been trying different stuff as far as meds for me, they all seem to work for awhile then quit. 

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  • Josh,


    Im sorry to hear that 🙁

    I haven’t taken any medications for it, but Paul mentioned Zoloft and so have others to me. WHen they happen, I just try to calm myself down (takes about 20 minutes at times) and deep breaths. Oh, and someone telling me that Im not going to die. I always think Im going to die for some reason when I am in the middle of these God awful things…

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  • I know this is an old thread, but I feel I need to add my experiences to it. I used to get horrible panic attacks when I was on Lantus. I also had a problem with severe depression. I was sent to a psychiatrist and psychologist, and was put on Paxil, then switched to Zoloft. The year I was on those drugs was the worst of my life. I had no emotions about anything. Never happy, never sad. Just there. I took myself off those drugs, cold turkey. That was hard, but I noticed a difference within weeks.

    Back to the insulin. About a year ago, I switched from Lantus to Levemir. The Lantus wasn't being absorbed properly by my body. Some days, it would stay in my system for up to 3(!) days. I could go for a couple days without my Humalog, and never have my sugars rise above 80. I could eat anything, and it would seem to make no difference.

    When I switched to Levemir, I immediately noticed my sugars acting more like I was back on NPH and Regular (both pork). In my case, I had wonderful control on those insulins. Now, it's been a year on Levemir, and I'll have days where my sugars will not come down, no matter how much insulin I take or how little I eat. On other days, I'll drop 300-400 points in an hour or two, from an extremely small amount of insulin. On top of this, my panic attacks are starting again. I am now trying desperately to get on an insulin pump.

    Long story short, without a doubt, I think insulin, especially the newer ones, are doing far more to our bodies than we know.

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  • You have something going on there!  I am sorry about the panic attacks – chronic disease and never knowing when things will happen (in the long run) cause and are reason for panic attack aside from anxiety.

    Good luck……


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  • I have really bad anxiety and they put me on Wellbutrin XL but the generic and it totally messed me up worse than I was before. I took myself off them. Although I still feel I need something I have not been on any kind of meds in a couple of months.

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  • I don't think Wellbutrin is a good medicine for panic and anxiety. A psychiatrist would be better at helping find a good medicine for that. I think Zoloft is the first choice. Lexapro is also good. Wellbutrin is more for fatigue type depression than anxious depressions.

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  • My first panic attack in my life was in Aug 2008. I attended ER several times for this reason and they would check my blood sugar and it would be normal.

    I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two years later.

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  • I found this discussion and I can relate to it so much. I’m 23 and have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 12. I started getting panic attacks about a year ago. At first I thought my sugars were just low and would just drink a juice (I never used to check my sugar). The more I started taking care of my diabetes the worse the panic attacks got. My doctor put me on Lexapro (didn’t help), then I tried prozac (also didn’t help). The panic attacks are so bad I fear doing normal daily things such as going to the grocery store, mall, job interviews, etc. I’m not sure what else to do and how to stop them. My mom suggested trying CBD oil.I was wondering if anyone else has tried CBD to calm their anxiety and panic attacks. I’m willing to try anything at this point to stop them.

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