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Confessions of a Naughty Diabetic

I am on MDI and change the needles for both lantus and novalog maybe once a week. Lancets are even worse. Sometimes If I will use a couple shots of wiskey as a correction to by BG rather than novalog 😉

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  • Good day to every one on the forum!!!

    Though this is the very old topic, but I found it highly interesting to share few things here.
    Basically these days I have been reading the stuff on the forums as to get more & more inspiration beside getting knowledge from some very excellent & knowledgeable guys over here, who by virtue of their own practical experiences of diabetic life regardless of good or bad experience, act as an institution for the beginner or learner.

    Whatsoever had been said & commented under this topic have tremendous guidelines & lessons for the beginners, learners, unaware persons & also for me. After going through the entire responses & comments, one thing is very obivious that every one whether controlling well or playing something causal with diabetes, at least have an absolute clarity regarding what should be done? or what shouldn’t be done?

    which is a great thing, as many had shared that few years back they were used to be not so much serious as they are now, which may reflect that they were knew it (becuase of awareness), that they are doing some wrongs & finally they had started doing well & succeeded remarkably in their efforts.

    Another important thing which is reflected from the discussion is that no body can be good & perfect at all times, which may give a slight margin to everyone to feel either no guilty or at least feel less guilty for being committed the crime of not following the diabetic rules religiously at times.

    Good Luck to all in their efforts!!!

    Kind Regards,
    Munir Nara.
    (Lahore 31C, humidity 48% , 2111 Hours)

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