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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome & Type 1

I had Type 1 Diabetes for close to 42 years. I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (aka CRPS or RSD) in Mar 2015. The CRPS is a Neurological disorder that affects the sympathetic nervous, central nervous system, autonomic nervous etc… It was triggered by surgery I had on both hands in Mar of 2014. It causes pain 24/7 and has now spread to my left foot. It’s crazy how all of these “autoimmune diseases” start and then seems to make us more susceptible to others.
Just read a VERY interesting book called Medical Medium by Anthony William. After you read about how his journey all started, the author goes into great detail about what he feels is the real cause of so many mystery diseases. It’s worth a read and gives a person a lot of insight about why we may all have these autoimmune disorders. A very interesting book:)
Hope this finds you all happy and relatively well.
I’ve done very few forums, so I’m very new at this. Lol!

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