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type one on Dr. Bernstein diet

If your son is “within range” when leaving the house, I’d suggest he eat a glucose tab before taking his walk. This will prevent him going low. He should carry the tabs with him, just in case. And about 15-30 minutes after the walk, check his BG. He may need another tab. Just my thoughts.

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  • I am T1. I do not follow Bernstein, nor do I count carbs. I do restrict carbs by food type, which is good enough to for me. I basal inject but usually (!!!) do not need to bolus.

    I do not eat pasta, rice or starch veggie of any type. Ever.

    I limit fruit, grain and legumes to maybe 1-2 single servings per week. Meaning 3/4 cup of berries. Or 1 slice of bread or 1 lower carb flat wrap. I had legumes, peanut butter, about 4-6 weeks ago in 4 ingredient cookies and not since. I had a 3/4 cup of raspberries maybe 2 weeks ago.

    If I eat a restricted carb diet and don’t have to count the non-starch veggies that I eat in super abundant amounts every single day. I do eat meat, eggs, tree nuts, olives and olive oil and seeds a lot. Just a thought.

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  • Hi Vhm1; Sounds like you are working hard on your program; how is it working for you; You have a good AIC? Do you recommend your program to others like me?

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  • Richard, I am doing quite fine, I think.

    Last week my AC1 was 5.5. Three months before it was 5.8. My AC1 typically runs in the mid to higher 5’s.

    I have Dr. Bernstein’s book and enjoyed reading it. I have watched his YouTube videos on line and read blogs and articles about his plan. I just choose to kind of do my ‘own thing’ and it seems so far to be working for me. Hopefully it will continue.

    Note I typically engage in modest exercise too, walking 3-6 miles most days. I also make sure to get adequate sleep most days, for me meaning 8-9 hours. Getting up to early or oversleeping more than 1/2 an hour can cause wonky numbers for a few hours.

    Take Care!

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  • When I follow Dr. Bernstein’s diet to the letter, and strive to keep my BG at 83, then yes, I do get my fair share of hypos. Fortunately, I can feel them coming (most of the time) and always make sure to have glucose tabs with me to correct in advance. But realistically, keeping your BG in that range doesn’t leave much room for error. A CGM certainly helps as it shows you how your BG is trending – not wearing mine at the moment though, as I’m waiting for Medicare to start paying for it!

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  • Following Bernstein’s plan works well for me, but I tend to keep my BS target at 100. I wear both a pump and CGM, since I don’t feel all my lows. The biggest thing for me has been basal testing and working with my CDE through weekly phone appointments. My control was stellar until menopause, which was pretty crazy for awhile. My A1C is fairly steady at 5.4.

    By keeping my carbs to a minimum, I use much less insulin, of course. Having my basals tightly tuned in avoids most lows. Naturally, I carry glucose tablets in my purse, my cars, my nightstand, etc.

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