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No Carb Diet

I am newly diagnosed (2/2/16). I have followed a low carb/high fat/high protein diet for 3 years (Whole9). I was in DKA for over a month before I realized I was very sick and even then thought I just had a UTI and had lost a few pounds. My urine test revealed high ketones and blood tests glucose was 374 and A1C 11.7. I initially followed the advice of my endo and nutritionist to eat carbs (Brown rice mostly). My levels were all over the place 60-400 after I would eat rice. I am in the process of testing what removing the carbs again are doing to my levels. So far, my blood sugar is averaging 130 verses 350 per day and my rapid insulin need has gone to almost nothing – @4 units/day. My long lasting insulin has remained constant at 8 units/day. I have had no lows since removing the carbs again from my diet. My energy level is great. I have also been released to begin my normal hot yoga practice again. So far so good!!! Granted it has only been 2 weeks.
My endo is not a fan of my diet but she does wonder if I am onto something because I have not had to be hospitalized and am having very little issues adapting to the insulin. She is following my progress closely and wants to understand more about the impact of a low carb diet on type1. It isn’t a mealplan for everyone but it works great for me now and has for 3 years.

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  • I embarked on Bernstein’s plan in 1999. I stayed with it for several years without losing brain function, LOL. I haven’t had fruit since then and don’t miss it. I’ve gone off the 30 grams a day plan and suffered the consequences so I always come back to it. Proteins, nuts, healthy fats, and veggies make up my food plan. My A1c remains steady at 5.4%

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