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Low carb Paleo vs. Low fat whole food plant based diet?

hey @Sandra I am hardly having 150gm of carbohydrate in a day. but if i take less bolus then i suffer from hyper. i am soon moving to canada for my higher studies. right now iam in india. i am thinking of getting pump there. but since i have never used it, i dont know about its price over there. could you pls tell me about it like price of pump,price of infusion sets and other costs which add up to it. apart from intial price could you also tell me about its monthly price for insulin and infusion sets or other things which adds up to look afer.i want to make my budget before moving thr. i know price varies from pump to pump bt you can tell me roughly. so i get an rough idea of my budget. and yea if you could also tell me the price of dexcom G5 and its sensors. how frequently sensors need to change?. thanks

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  • I am approaching my 9 year anniversary of my Type 1 diagnosis, and I have been on a super-low-carb diet most of that time, as a result of seeing Dr. Bernstein when I was newly diagnosed. My A1c has hovered in the high 4’s/low 5’s that whole time, but cholesterol has been a bit elevated, maybe because of all the cheese I was eating! For various reasons, I’ve wanted to go vegan/plant based, but thought I couldn’t do it without drastically upping my insulin doses. After watching a few plant-based documentaries, I googled “type 1 vegan diet” and was surprised to see that many people are able to eat this way and still maintain stable blood sugars.

    So 2 months ago I made the switch. I’m eating things I haven’t eaten in almost a decade! Beans! Sweet potatoes! Fruit! And to my astonishment I’m using about 25% less insulin on a daily basis than when I was eating low-carb. Who knows why, because my carbs have definitely increased. And I don’t have the post-meal spikes I had expected – BG is about as stable as it was on the Bernstein diet. I’m seeing my endo next month, and am looking forward to seeing what effect, if any, this has had on my A1c. And I’m going to ask her to check my cholesterol as well!

    What we choose to eat is very personal, but if you’ve thought about going plant-based, I’d say give it a try!

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