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Hello there i am doing a project in school about type 1 diabetes. I do have type one diabetes but i have to write a brochure on the life of the disease as thou i was a doctor telling newly diagnosed diabetic although i do have diabetes my teacher wanted me to ask others for help. I need to now some of the complications.

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  • My daughter is T1D and also suffers from insulin resistance. She takes vitamin D to help lower the insulin resistance. Because of her issue she takes alot more insulin than your avg person. Also she was only diagnosed 2 years ago and she is dealing with depression over being a diabetic.

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  • hi @mjchristy, um just a thought, when t1’s get high resistance they can benefit from actual T2 resistance reducing drugs like metformin for one. might be something to consider with an endo. depression is really very common with diabetes I hope your daughter has resources available. this can be from just getting used to the idea of a chronic illness that will never go away or it could be clinical depression. hope you guys are okay. please reach out if you need resources.

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