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Wanting to get pregnant

I’ve had T1 for 47 years. I had severe retinopathy in my early 20s & was told I should never have children. After I got my eyesight under control I spoke to a perinatologist who specialized in diabetes & pregnancy. (Look up CDAPP-California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program and Sweet Success).
He told me there should be no reason why I couldn’t have a healthy pregnancy & healthy baby. So, I ended up two!

I got my BGs well controlled before conception and had pretty easy pregnancies. Both of my children were born without complications and are living healthy lives. I did not have any problems conceiving, either. Fertile Myrtle I am 🙂

I wish I had paid more attention to Dr. Bernstein’s writings. For the last month I have been following a very low carb, mod protein and high fat diet and my BGs are always less than 120, unless I eat a large portion of protein. I wear a pump and a Dexcom.

Oh, BTW I’m also an RN and a Certified Diabetes Educator & try to practice what I preach.
Google Dr. Bernstein & Diabetes University. Also, I found the TED Talk by Dr. Sarah Hallberg very interesting & helpful for me.

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