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Has anyone had a baby via vaginal birth after having previously had a C-section? I had to have an emergency C-section during my first (and only) pregnancy, but am hoping to have another baby and am interested in hearing any stories from Type 1 Diabetics who have had VBACs. If I go to a local OB, a repeat C-section is my only option, but if I go to a high-risk OB dr. 1.5 hours away, a VBAC may be an option. Just gathering info to help me decide which practice to go with. Thanks!

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  • Hi there. I am pregnant with my second (first is 18 months old) due mid-Nov. My son came via emergency C-section due to a nuchal cord. I was induced at 39 weeks. He weighed 8lbs 5oz. I have since moved and seeing a different high-risk OB. I really wanted to try for a VBAC, but knew it might be risky since they are pretty close together. He never said “no” to a VBAC, but now as it’s getting closer, he’s told me not to get my hopes up. At last week’s appointment, which was 32 weeks, he said baby was measuring 35 weeks and he thinks baby will be more than 9lbs! I’m just curious if since your post, you’ve had baby #2 and how it all turned out? I’m praying baby comes a bit early on it’s own and we’ll be able to do a VBAC. I’m trying not to let myself get disappointed if it doesn’t happen, I know that a healthy baby and mom are most important, but I just feel like I won’t have experienced “real” childbirth without a vaginal birth.

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