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Insulin needs and pregnancy

Hello all!

I am about 17.5 weeks pregnant and I am just curious if anyone else went back and forth with randomly needing more insulin and needing less throughout their pregnancy. The early early stages (like before I knew I was pregnant) I was experiencing higher than usual BG. Then I started being low constantly up until about week 12. Around that week I had to up everything and was taking in a lot more insulin. Now I’m having to cut back again because I’m regularly low.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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  • Hi Lilburg,
    I’m at 22 weeks and the last three have been a roller coaster. I started the first few weeks with higher insulin, then we plateaued around week 13-16. I was really happy; finally, I new what I could eat, and the numbers were perfect. Week 20 came along, and it’s been crazy since.
    I have more than doubled my insulin needs, and depending on the day, the food, the stage of the moon and some butterfly in Africa, the prescribed dose may just about be enough, or may be too much, or too little. Most consistent option has been to significantly cut out carbs, but who can live that way?!
    I met with my doctor yesterday, and she expects that we’ll continue to increase the insulin needs until delivery.
    The placenta is really messing around w. our hormones.
    I try to check often, correct and move on.
    Good luck!

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