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Anyone experience dexcom inaccuracy during pregnancy?

Hey everyone!
So I just found out that I am pregnant and I am about 5w 3d along. I have noticed that the last 4 days my dexcom sensor has been out of whack. I am super confused because I usually wear my sensor for two weeks and the first week it was completely normal and accurate and then I restarted the session 4 days ago (with the same sensor inserted) and it has just been completely off. I took out the sensor and inserted a new one yesterday thinking it might be a bad insertion, but I haven’t seen any better accuracy with the new one.

Around the same day my dexcom started getting inaccurate, I also got an alert that my transmitter battery had two weeks left. So now I don’t know if my numbers are off because of my pregnancy or because the battery is low. Has anyone else had inacurate dexcom numbers while pregnant?

I know the dexcom isn’t offically “approved” for pregnant women to use, but I have read lots of blogs/forums about people using the dexcom their entire pregnancy and been fine. I was planning on using mine and now I am kind of freaking out that I wont be able to use it. I am worried about my numbers without it because I feel like my dexcom is one of the main reasons I was able to get my a1c as low was it is (5.7). Please help.

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