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Women- Clothing, Sex, and CGMs

I have a CGM and I often wear it on hip or outer thigh area, (my stomach is pretty much scar tissue). I purchase from medtronics, the adhesive IV3000, that fit over the CGM and keep it in place. I have a allergic reaction to most medical tape and this works great. They cost around $100 for 100, so for me that is almost a years supply if I only use them for the CGM, but I also use it for my pump insert. As for sex, it gives you an assurance that everything will stay in place and nothing will get dislodged.

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  • I wear the Dexcom sensor on the back of my arm – no one ever notices and I have no trouble with pulling it out (actually my husband helps with the insertion because I can not reach the back of my arm easily). Pump infusion set hips or stomach remove and cap site for intimacy. Never had a problem – husband says he does not notice my devices.

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