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Syncing info to my iphone?

I wanted to know if there are any apps that work together with my blood sugar testing device, and send my results to my iphone?

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  • I’m the CEO of the company that makes ShugaTrak, and, to add to what CA wrote, ShugaTrak is a mobile app for iPhone and Android that uses a Bluetooth adaptor for your glucose meter to automatically get your readings right when you take them. The readings are stored in a searchable online database and sent in text messages and emails to your loved ones so that they know you’re ok. Feel free to email me ( or call me (203-350-0103) if you have questions.

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  • I use the iBGstar test meter. You plug it into your iPhone and it syncs with the app, along with the ability to e-mail your log! I highly recommend it. I didn’t log my levels because it was a pain before I got this tester. I had the UltraSmart which I LOVED but the software didn’t work on my computer so I couldn’t use it to the full functions.

    It’s about $100 on but some of the pharmacy’s where I live sell it for $64; the test strips are just regular BG test strips.

    It’s small so it’s easy to carry around and you don’t have to plug it into your phone until you want to sync it. I usually do that once a week.

    You can also plug it into your phone to charge when the battery gets low, so if you aren’t at home and the battery is too low to use the tester, you just plug it into your phone for a few minutes and it charged enough to use (while connected and still charging).

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  • If you still need an iPhone application that will work together with your blood sugar testing device, address to the agency providing iphone application development services. They will build it for you.

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  • Medtronic sent me an email about a new iPhone app that synchs CGM data from Minimed 530 and newer pumps it will be available in the autumn of 2015. The biggest issue is the cost: $199 for the app. Pretty outrageous.

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  • You should try predictbgl. Free to use, inexpensive if you want the advanced features

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