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OneTouch VerioSync glucose meter and One Touch reveal

Does anyone have an experience with the One Touch reveal and VerioSync system for pushing BG’s into the cloud?

I have three sons with T1. The older two have been compliant, transparent diabetics. In fact they are heroes to me, so if you get me started because I can go on for hours about my amazing kids. 🙂

My #3 son is 18 yo and he seems to take for his diabetes for granted. He is extraordinarily careless with his checks, and there have been a few times recently where his mother and I believe he went for days pretending he didn’t have T1 (i.e. not checking his BGs.) He does not have his driver’s license and one reason is that we are not going to give him unfettered access to a 4000 lb steel box that would turn him into a human torpedo when his BGs are uncontrolled. He has pretty much accepted this consequence, but is starting to mature. There is hope! He has agreed that in exchange for the car keys, he will use a BG meter that will push his BGs into the cloud so his mother and I can verify whether he is monitoring while driving.

With that background, does anyone have a better recommendation for pushing BGs into the cloud? The appeal of the VerioSync system is that I imagine it doesn’t require cables, etc. The man/boy checks his BGs and they appear on a secure website moments later. Is it that good?

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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