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Minimed Connect

I recently got the Minimed Connect to go with my Medtronic 530G system. I’m still getting the hang of it. Anyone here have experience with it? Tips and advice welcomed!

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  • hi, the connect application and uploader puts your cgm and pump data on the “Carelink” website. Probably the most useful thing about the Carelink website (and app views) are the reports. the reports organize the data, depending on what you are working on… for example, the “Modal” reports are great for understanding your control around mealtime.

    Maybe if you had a visit with your endo or CDE or a medtronic rep, you could put together the most useful reports for you and what you are trying to achieve… for example basal tuning, corrections, sensitivity, ratios etc.

    good luck!

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  • I had my Carelink set up before I got the Minimed Connect. Yes, all the reports are useful… when I’m able to see them. I have a Mac so for the most part I haven’t been able to even log into Carelink since the updates don’t exactly keep up with the Mac OS updates. I have recently discovered Glooko though! And have learned I can access my Carelink data through there. Still learning about Glooko to see how much of my Carelink data I have access to. I know I can get reports but not as customized as directly from Carelink. But I gotta work with what I got (or should I say what I can actually use).

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