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Helpful Diabetes Apps for iPhone and/or Android

HelpAround (*FREE*)
Getting stuck without a glucose meter, test strips or glucose tabs can be scary. But running home or to the pharmacy isn’t always an option. The Diabetes Safety Net lets you find and rely on others with diabetes in your area. For: Apple IOS devices, Google Play

Diabetes Pal (*FREE*)
Telcare’s FREE diabetes app wirelessly syncs data with your glucose meter. Diabetes Pal allows users to view their readings via an iPhone while reporting medication, nutrition & notes. This data can be organized into helpful charts and graphs viewable from your mobile device.
Telcare’s Diabetes Pal is the first app that offers your glucose readings to be shared with physicians & family members, if desirable. Users do not need to own any Telcare products to utilize this app. For:Apple IOS devices, Android

Glucose Buddy (*FREE*)
Record blood glucose levels, insulin injections, food eaten, and exercise completed with Glucose Buddy. The diabetes app for the iPhone comes with push notifications to remind you to check your blood glucose. The app connects users to Glucose Buddy forums and allows for syncing of the phone to an online account on the Glucose Buddy website, where you can manage your blood glucose data and review trends. For: Apple IOS devices

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  • I have an iBGstar blood glucose meter and it plugs right into my iPhone. You can read the BGL result on the tiny meter itself or on the iPhone screen within the iBGstar app. I love that I don’t have to take a separate meter with me everywhere I go, just my phone with a tiny canister of test strips and my finger pricker.

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  • My doctor suggested “Calorie King” by nature it’s a weight loss app but it has carbohydrate information too.

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  • Does anybody know about an app that makes you enter your BG to stop an alarm or such? I’m having trouble testing enough and its easy to disregard regular alarms.

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  • Hi. I just downloaded MySugr to my son’s iphone for tracking and monitoring his blood sugars, basal, bolus, etc. Has anyone had any experience with this app? Or would you have another that you would recommend? He is pretty ambivalent about writing things in his log and we thought this might be easier. Any recommendations would be great! Thanks

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  • We use the PredictBGL App – as logging just for logging’s sake is pretty pointless with other apps, especially if it just generates a ‘straight-line’ chart or scatter plot.

    The predictbgl app is a dose calculator that then projects what **your** blood sugars will do in future – so it can pickup bad doses and help you fix them very quickly – without waiting for your next doctor visit.

    It shares data live between carers, and with your doctor if you wish (and has been doing so for way longer than Telcare’s claim of being the first above!)

    The upcoming version has basal and meal reminders, hypo follow-up reminders, hypo prediction reminders and more.

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  • BeatOApp(Free)

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  • The PredictBGL guys have just added HealthKit integration, so Dexcom and connected BGs go straight into the dose calculator, and 5 million foods from MyFitnessPal (carbs, protein, fat and fiber) come into the dose calculator.

    You can dose off protein and fat which is unique. Pretty awesome

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  • Diabetes:M Only for Android.

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  • My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed last week. My wife and I share the belief that it takes a village to raise a healthy and successful person. We rely on our village frequently. I need a user friendly app that we can all collaborate on my daughters log. So far all of the apps I have found are those that are written for teens and adults to track their own.

    My alternative is a shared spreadsheet from my google apps account. I have also thought about setting up a web form to fill in the data and then managing a spreadsheet on the backend. Surely I’m not the first tech guy who has a kid with T1D?

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