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Google's Smart Contact Lens Project

This is going to get TONS of publicity. It sounds way too cool. I always have to backtrack every time I see something like this and think about how long it would take to get cleared by FDA and all.

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  • @Caddy,

    I think “US’ T1D’s are going to turn into cyborgs with all this cool tech! I am curious to see how this pans out. It would be cool if they combined it with the Google Glass project, that would be interesting! You can check your blood sugar while surfing the net and taking pics! LOL

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  • @gina

    You never know though! It sounds so unreal, yet that just might be how it’s going to be! This has made headlines everywhere. CNN, local newspapers here…everywhere.

    I get the feeling that within the next 10 years, blood sugar checking will not involve pricking. Our lives will be easier!

    Unfortunately, precautions will need to be taken no matter what. So I’m sure this is going to take some time before we can rely on new technology.

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  • @Caddy,

    Yep! So unreal! A cure would be better though …

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