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Diabetic website recommendations

Hey all! It’s Shay! Well welcome 2017! This means this is the year I graduate. (GO CLASS OF 2o17) I say this because I have just completed and presented my graduation project based on the influence of diet on diabetics. With everything done I am inclined to create a website of my own based on diabetes and everything that goes with it. What I would love to know is what do you all as the diabetic community want to see on the website. This website is meant to target everyone in all age groups especially teens and youth. So let me know! Thanks! I know 2017 will be great!

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  • Tidepool does a somewhat decent job at linking diabetes devices and the info people enter into them (such as meal info) for considering it all together. They are more focused towards insulin pump users though.

    mySugr is my favorite diabetes app. Nice for recording injections, BG readings, meal info, etc in a visually appealing way, and for some reason I like that they have you name your “diabetes monster” and tame it.

    I would look at both of those if you are wanting to make a website or app because they are fairly successful at what they do. However, there are thousands of apps and websites, so unless you have a specific idea for how you want to improve one it likely already exists.

    Best of Luck!

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