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Developing an app for type ones

Hi, my name is Nick and I have two relatives with type 1 diabetes. I am currently a graduate student and I have been working on a project at my university to develop an app for people living with type 1. We have talked to a lot of people for feedback in person, but are trying to reach a broader audience and have developed a survey to do so. We think we have some good ideas, but we could really use more insight from people living with type 1 every day! We are not trying to sell or promote anything. Thanks for considering and taking the time to help out! Survey is at this link: . Whether you choose to participate in the survey or not, I appreciate your candid feedback here in the forum as well! Is there something you wish there was an app for that would be helpful or make life with type one easier?

All the best,

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  • Filled out your survey. Hope it helps. (:

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