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Simple App for carb content of foods for android

Does anyone know of a simple easy to use app (preferably free to download for android)
that gives the carb content of foods.
Have been a Type1 for 3 years now and have stayed away from eating out in restaurants
and quick food places.
I pack everything from home and know the carb content of everything I eat.
I am wanting to VENTURE out into the real world again and maybe try something as
a treat !!!! Butttttt I have no idea about what I will be ingesting !!!

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  • hi @kc6uus,

    i have always used a hard copy of the “Calorie King” because they maintain a pretty big database of food, including some restaurant foods and even fast food. I see they have one for iOS but I don’t use it. I bet they have an android app, good luck

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  • Hi @kc6uus,

    I also find Calorie Kin very helpful for both home cooking and restaurant eating. For years I’ve had the compact hard copy and I also access its data base on-line. The online is available from any type device with a search engine and the restaurant information is kept up to date.

    The restaurant information, quite naturally, is available only for larger multi location business that cook / prepare meals following a consistent script; a local stand-alone food place could not be accommodated.

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  • DENNIS and JOE: THANK-YOU very much for the info. I LIKE the idea of a hard copy of such a thing.
    I only have a cell phone STRICTLY for emergency use. Like the good old fashion phone or a
    amateur radio !!!! AGAIN THANKS

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