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New Hypoglycemia Symptoms

My doctor just recently had my insurance cover a dexcom cgm because of my lows and waking up extremely high. … I have found it is accurate most of the time but not all of the time.

Usually people have a good experience with the Dexcom. Some suggestions off the very top of my head …

  • Call the Dexcom help line and see if they can help you troubleshoot what’s happening.
  • How new is your Dexcom? If it doesn’t already have it, consider downloading & installing the latest Dexcom firmware update for your monitor.
  • Does the sensor/transmitter stay snugly attached where you insert it. If the probe moves in the insertion site it can lead to “strange” results.

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  • @wacrocker

    I’m 24 and have had T1D for almost 20 years. Never had any issues with my eyes, but when I’m low, my vision drastically changes–like I won’t be able to read words bc the letters seem to vibrate and twist and my sensitivity to light is heightened. In fact, last week at work I was reading a report and suddenly the letters were dancing, so I checked bg: 32. Had no idea otherwise.

    I will say, though, that my hypo awareness is sometimes very sensitive and sometimes nonexistent. I haven’t been able to pin down exactly what other forces or situations affect it. At first I thought it had to do with rate of change, but I’ve (anecdotally) discovered that to be untrue.

    For the record, I test frequently, have a CGM and a diabetic alert dog and STILL get caught off guard with lows :/

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  • Ali_@MCD I would like to talk to you as I have similar issues which as you can see in my picture I also have an alert dog. I am not sure how best to communicate on here…

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  • Interesting. Have you had any laser surgery? I always attributed my vision symptoms to the laser surgery I had as I never experienced it before. Like I posted, my retina surgeon said that it was due to the changes of the glucose levels in the vitreous fluid inside the eye.

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  • notify

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  • @wacrocker
    I haven’t had laser surgery. I get a diabetic eye exam annually and have never had any problems or retinopathy or anything. Not sure what caused the drastic vision changes when I’m low.

    You can always email me at 🙂

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  • Hi Alison,
    My retina guy said that the vision changes were from the changes in the glucose levels in the vitreous fluid that’s in the eye. These levels change more slowly than in the blood. You can also contact me at if you have any questions I can help you with.

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  • I get flashing circles in my peripheral vision, around the 10 and 2 o’clock positions. By flashing, I mean it goes from black to white and they’re small, about the size of a dime when holding them about a foot away from your face. I also get numbness in my face and/or legs.

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  • I’ve seen my ophthalmologist and it’s not the kind of flashing light one would see with retinal detachment. Thanks for the warning– anyone who sees flashing lights should be seen by an ophthalmologist immediately as it is a medical emergency!

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  • HI Everyone,

    my name is Abby and I have type 1 myself. I am very active in the patient advocacy space and I am working on a new project about hypoglycemia.
    If you could tell the FDA what a low blood sugar feels like, how it has interrupted your life, how severe it can be and what implications it has for your management, what would it be?
    Take a 15-20 second selfie video answering these things and send it my way ( I can show you the final product when I am finished.

    Sounds like a weird request but our stories are powerful and the regulators our there need to hear it!

    Thanks, DM with any questions.

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