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Just diagnosed at age 69 type one…help with food choices, fiber .

I was just diagnosed Type 1 at age 69 – have been hypoglycemic a lot of my life. Now type 1 was a shock. I am trying to
eat good healthy foods, include fiber and not gain weight that I have worked hard to loose. I am looking for food and
food product or fiber foods and fiber products to help. Any help would be appreciated. What is your best breakfast, lunch
and dinner in terms of carbs and insulin amount to take for it.

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  • Hi Jennifer @jenniferlamb,

    I suggest that you consult with a nutritionist to construct a diet that fits your body needs and your lifestyle and activity level. Your diabetes care team can make a referral and write a prescription and Medicare will pay.

    Gaining weight should NOT be an issued caused by Type One diabetes; I now weigh the same as when I was diagnosed 60 years ago. I would share my usual diet with you but that, including the 225 grams of carbs every day, probably wouldn’t fit you.

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