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how long type 1?

I find it interesting, comforting, educational and inspirational to read the stories – thanks to all those who have posted and hope there will be many more.
For me, just past my 34th “anniversary” – diagnosed at age 18. Been brittle since the beginning but am always told by my endocrinologist that I’m doing “ok” since my A1c range is always 7-7.5 but it sure makes the day to day difficult. About 2/3 of BG readings are “normal range”, 20% are “high” and 10% are “low”. It’s been an exhausting journey averaging a low every day for 34 years! Started the OmniPod 5 years ago after years of MDI treatment. I appreciate the flexibility and like the wireless/tubeless elements compared to other options.
Only other health issues are similar to those many others have stated, i.e. two trigger finger surgeries and have been dealing with two frozen shoulders for much of the last 3 years. Tried physio, cortisone shots, acupuncture and shockwave treatment but nothing seems to help. Any other advice/ideas?? There have also been at least half a dozen times over the years that my parents (at first) and now my wife have had to call 911 as flu-like symptoms have knocked me out but usually a 12-24 hours IV gets me back on my feet.
Agree with others, positive attitude is the trick but it sure gets hard sometimes.

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  • 6 months. Diagnosed just after this past Thanksgiving at 51. I am on 1 injection of Lantus at bedtime. I bolus with Humalog before meals. I am about to reduce my Lantus from 15 units to 14 or 13 units since my basal needs are changing.

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  • seven months in September. I lost weight, gained thirst and my eyesight went south. Knowing what I know from our daughter (type 1 about 14 years ago), I had my suspicions. . .

    So, to you all going strong for decades – good on you! I know the struggles and uncertainty through my daughter. She’s a bit brittle and has big swings. I see a few swings, but so far, I guess I remain in my honeymoon. Just 17u Lantus once per day.

    I do watch what I eat though and quit alcohol over a decade ago. So thankful I don’t try to deal with drinking and diabetes!


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