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how long type 1?

I was diagnosed in 1966 at 10 mos old. I just passed my 49th anniversary! 6 trigger finger releases, bi-lateral carpal tunnel releases, frozen shoulders, laser to arrest peripheral retinopathy (only manifested in my left eye!) 20 years ago, hypoglycemia insensitivity. Minimed pump for 15 years, Dexcom G4 CGMS for 2.

Richprettyoldtype1, I’m going to look into Dr. Bernstein’s diet on your recommendation! My A1c has creeped up over the last 2 years because I’ve eliminated the frequent sever hypos. I’m not proud to say I am still functional with my glucose in the 30s 🙁

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  • Diagnosed in March 1990, so going on 25.5 years as of today. Complication wise, I’ve been told I’ve been doing pretty good, although that was prior to this year when I had my gallbladder removed, and have had alot of post surgery complications, and was prescribed vision correction for the first time in my life, along with some bleeding on both retinas. But, I’m alive, happy, and still fighting!

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  • Diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. In Sept, 2015, it will be 70 years for me. I have no diabetes related complications except for some mild nerve damage. I will receive the 75 year Joslin medal in the year 2000.

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  • Hello. I am a type I for 19 years already and no complications. I hope to stay away from them =)

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  • Been type 1 for about 8 years. Hospitalized twice, first due to abscess and second because of kidney infection both due to high blood sugar. Slight numbing in my feet and eyesight is getting worse little by little but hoping for a cure or advancements in treatments soon.

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  • I’ve only been diagnosed since June 2014. In my 50’s and had an A1c of 13+. Changed to a pump 5/2015; A1c down to 8.3. How long after the start of pumping did you feel you had a better control? Still having too many ups and downs. It’s exhausting!

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  • I have been a type 1 for over 37 years. I am 61 years old and have had 2 trigger thumb surgeries and frozen shoulders. I have been on the Minimed pump since December 2007 and got my 2nd pump last April. I am hypoglycemia insensitivity and wear a CGM. I purchased the uploader (Minimed Connect) for my pump so my husband and daughters can all view my blood sugars on their iphone’s via the app they downloaded and they can rest assured that I am OK by viewing it.

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  • I was misdiagnosed as a Type 2 at the end of 2013 because I was in my mid 30s. At time of diagnosis my A1C was 13, but my doctor didn’t seem too concerned and put me on Glipazide. I didn’t know any better so just did what the doctor ordered and cut out a lot of carbs and started exercising as much as I could. My A1C of 13 dropped to 11 in 3 months, but I wasn’t feeling any better. To make a long story short, I went to an Endo and insisted I get tested to make sure I had the right diagnosis. My C-peptide was very low, so was immediately put on insulin shots. Brought my A1C down to 9. Then had to wait to get on a pump. My last A1C which was this month is at 6.1. I think it is too soon for complications, but I do have damage from my sugars being so high. I developed a heart murmur, major gum disease that caused bone loss in my teeth. I don’t have to worry about Diabetes making me blind as I was born premature with glaucoma, which took most of my sight in my late teens leaving me with only light perception. But during the time I hadn’t yet been diagnosed and my sugars must have been crazy high, my glaucoma got out of control. I started seeing black spots in front of my eyes and my right eye started to shrink. It was later when I learned that Diabetes causes glaucoma that I put two and two together. I am familiar with surviving a loss. After going blind I still got married, raised kids, got my BA and worked. But it has been challenging being both blind and a type one. I think I could handle it better if it was just one or the other. It’s been a lot of hard work and a lot of tears just to get me to my current A1C. And I don’t know how long I can go on without having a nervous breakdown. Anyway, before this post gets any longer, I am enspired to see so many living with T1D for so many years without complications. I think I have as much as I can handle right now, so will continue to fight.

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  • I have been 50 years this year with T1DM. Have brittle diabetes, but have managed to keep my A1C under 7. Pump user for 11 years and have been complication free so far. (Knock on wood!)

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  • Hello Nannimae,

    Sounds like we are in the same line with our diabetes, as I have had T1DM for 50 years. Diagnosed at age 13. I am new to these forums, so excuse any mistakes. I am unaware of low bs also, and most recently came to in the ER while out shopping. 🙁

    I am curious about CGM use, as that is the one thing that I have never tried. Has this saved you from insulin reactions? This would be a God send for me.

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  • Not sure of the exact date of diagnosis, but I do know it was in the summer of 1966, so nearly 50 years. Pumping for 16 of them. Can’t imagine going back to shots.

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  • 32 years. No complications….yet!

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  • 27 Years, few complications I take 2 N and 3 R (shots per day). I’ve been dealing with this on my own since it seems like forever, just looking for some support and people who understand how difficult it can be when it seems like nobody is there for you.

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  • Just passed my 13 month.

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  • 43 years in June of 2017

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