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    Please be mindful of other people’s beliefs before posting in this thread. It is meant to be a place to talk about religion and spirituality not a place to offend or to be disrespectful. Harmful or disrepectful […]

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  • Group logo of Artificial Pancreas
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    This group is for anyone interested in¬†artificial pancreas research, which will allow pumps and CGMs to "talk" to each other electronically and deliver the right dosage of insulin to the person with diabetes […]

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  • Group logo of Dual Diagnoses Group
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    This group talks about living with multiple diagnoses.

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  • Group logo of Diabetes and the Arts
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  • Group logo of Diabetes Complications
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    Do you have any diabetes complications? Get some support from others that going through the same things as you.

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  • Group logo of Coping with diabetes
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    How do you cope with diabetes?

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  • Group logo of Daily Life
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    Anything from food and diet to intimacy!

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  • Group logo of College Life
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    Are you in college or thinking about going to college? Get support on how to deal with having diabetes and college life here.

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  • Group logo of Mobile Apps
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    This is your place to find, share and discuss the latest diabetes apps and tools for mobile devices, and other cool technology!

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  • Group logo of Multiple Daily Injections
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    If you use multiple daily injections this is the group for you!

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  • Group logo of Parents and Caregivers
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    Support group for: Parents and caregivers of children with type 1 diabetes

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  • Group logo of Insulin Pump Therapy
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    Have a pump? Thinking about going on the pump? This is the place to find the answers.

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  • Group logo of Diet/Nutrition
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    What kind of diet and meal plan are you on? Share it with us.

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  • Group logo of CGM
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    Do you have a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) or want one? We want to know!

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  • Group logo of Adults
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    If you are an adult with type 1 this is the place for you!

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  • Group logo of Women Only
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    This is a group for women to discuss things men probably don’t want to see!¬†

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  • Group logo of Diabetes Camps
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    Are you a diabetes camper? Join this group and reconnect with other campers from around the country.

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  • Group logo of Teens
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    A group for teens to talk to each other.

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  • Group logo of Recipe swap
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    Have a recipe? Need a recipe? this is the place to swap!

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  • Group logo of General
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    This is for all general questions about type 1 and pre-diabetes questions.

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